Mailbox Saver Post

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello my name is Jay Sutton inventor of The Mailbox Saver Post. I designed this new vandal proof mailbox post because I wanted to solve a problem. There are several reasons for this new post that I will list below. The special features of this new post are daytime hours the mailbox lays at the roadside, so the mail carrier can put the mail in the mailbox. And night time hours it lays 10-12 feet off the roadside take the mailbox out of striking range. Please tell me what you think about this new vandal proof mailbox post.

Reasons that I invented this New Vandal Proof Mailbox Post!!!!
1.) Vandalism (Mailbox Baseball)
2.) Snow Plows Hitting The Mailboxes Just Doing Their Jobs
3.) Snow From The Snow Plows
4.) Mowers Cutting The Grass At The Roadside
5.) Automobiles Hitting The Mailbox Posts
6.) Safer To Get The Mail In The Off Road Position
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